A Look Inside Affair Portals: The 5 Most Common Reasons Women Cheat on Men

Even if we don’t want to hear it: We’re unfaithful. About every second person has cheated on their partner at least once. In 2018, women statistically overtook men for the first time in “cheating”. That’s also supported by the registration numbers published by the Canadian-born Isabelle Martin (38) for her affair portal. Her portal “UK-M********” has been the undisputed number 1 in England for two years when it comes to finding an affair discretely and easily.

Isabelle talks about the sudden success of her “UK-M********” portal, unfaithfulness in general and the main reasons women are driven into the arms of strangers.

Isabelle, according to published statistics the number of registered women on the portal has exploded. Why is that?

Our portal is aimed especially at liberated, adult women who know what they want. When building “UK-M********”, we concentrated on putting the sexual needs of our female members in the forefront. Discretion is also our top priority, so we have a strict selection policy when it comes to males becoming members. Our female members appreciate this exclusivity even though we unfortunately have to reject a large number of men who would like to join.

What do you think about the recent growth in infidelity in relationships?

To be honest, I don’t think of it as good or bad. I think it’s a natural development in an advanced country like Germany. The options are just too diverse these days to ignore. People have thought for far too long that it was just a minor indiscretion when men looked outside their relationships or were pick-up artists, while women constantly faced exclusion and discrimination when they openly expressed their sexuality. I feel like there is a small revolution happening for women right now, and I would be lying if I said it was a bad thing.

You recently published a survey of your female members about why they cheat. What did you find out?

We surveyed both men and women on “UK-M********” and discovered that there were five reasons overalapping reasons for affairs:

Sexual frustration
It’s sad but true: Sexual frustration is often what leads people to look for happiness in a stranger’s bed. Frustration in the bedroom is the most common reason people stray.

Feeling unloved
The feeling of not being loved or desired or even noticed is another risk factor for affairs. Everyday life, housework and taking a partner for granted every day is the second reason people listed.

Missing that little extra something in a relationship
Surprisingly more and more cheaters say their relationship is good, they feel loved and are happy. But they are missing that little “spark,” the adventure of getting to know someone completely different.

The ‘one last time’ syndrome
Showing your partner that you want to spend time and possibly the rest of your life with them is a wonderful thing. But it can also lead to panic. People are afraid “that’s it” and would like to enjoy a final exciting affair before they’re finally off the market.

Interestingly, people usually don’t have an affair the first time they have the chance. Experience shows that people who blow off a little steam in someone else’s bed on a business trip already had secret thoughts of having an affair and just waited for the right opportunity.

Thanks for the illuminating interview, Isabelle. Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

Trust creates respect. There is no better protection against betrayal than mutual respect. So you should give your partner some breathing room and freedom. When they go out without you, they shouldn’t see it as a chance to get out from under your eyes. They should miss you. Give your partner the chance to miss you.

Final thoughts about the portal

Isabelle gave us the opportunity to spend two weeks exploring “UK-M********” extensively – and we’re fascinated by this underground world. The portal looks really tidy and active. Women clearly outnumber the men to our surprise. Discretion is a top priority everywhere. We were able to build up several exciting discussions with members within a few days, and surprisingly we also had a few offers for dates, even from solo ladies.  We give “UK-M********” the thumbs up. It’s a very attractive community and offers perfect guidance for users.